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Monday, October 4, 2010

Nest 10 Briarcliffe Acres

Nest #10, in Briarcliffe Acres emerged late Sunday night or early Monday Morning, 55 days. Briarcliffe residents Barbara and Sue came across several hatchlings on the beach around 6:30AM. Nancy arrived shortly after and the three found about 50 hatchlings still in the dunes, many caught in the dry dune grass, their little flippers still moving frantically. Apparently these turtles were confused and went west instead of east. Several went around in circles before heading west. No lights were visible from the nest. Rob and NMB Volunteer, Rick arrived shortly. After a hectic few minutes, all the hatchlings were safely redirected to the water. Rick made a last minute check of the dunes and found two more hatchlings, they were promptly escorted to the beach.

Several Briarcliffe residents were watching this nest. A depression had formed Sunday night, but after 2 hours of inactivity, everyone decided to leave the nest around 10PM.

A big Thank You to Barbara, Sue and Nancy for checking this nest so early and helping these little guys find the ocean. Thank you Rick and Rob for coming so promptly when the call for help went out. What a morning!! Ted had been watching this nest since it was discovered and very closely the last week. Thank you! Linda

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