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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wild Nest-NMB Nest #11

Ted came across new hatchling tracks while walking the Briarcliffe Beach early Saturday moring. He knew immediately that a nest had just emerged! Ted, his wife Nancy, Ira (A Briarcliffe Acres resident), Rick, Rob and I inventoried this "Wild" nest on Tuesday, Sept. 28. One live hatchling was found close to the surface, one unhatched egg was found with a root growing all the way through it and a dead hatchling was found still half in it's shell but it's head was all the way in another empty shell.


115 Hatched eggs
17 Unhatched, died early development
3 Unhatched, died late development
1 Hatchling died while hatching-Half in egg, Half in another empty egg shell
136 total eggs in nest
84.6% Hatchling success rate

1 Live hatchling, released on beach

Thank you so much Ted for finding the tracks and helping with the inventory.
Thanks to Nancy, Rob and Rick for helping with the inventory. Linda

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