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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nest 6 August 21 Day 53

We started night sitting Nest 6 on Wednesday, August 18, on Day 50. A small group of volunteers watched this nest for 3 nights while a larger group gathered at Nest 5. These volunteers became very efficient at setting up the ropes, raking the beach and filling in holes.

On Saturday, just after 8 PM, the sand fell and a major hole formed.The word went out quickly and people gathered, volunteers as well as spectators, watching that hole!

One little turtle appeared on the surface and rested, and rested, and rested for almost an hour, until he was finally moved from underneath and the mass exodus occurred around 9:05 PM.

Conditions were perfect, it was dark, the moon was right overhead and low tide was still 3.5 hours away so that trek to the water was not long.

We had two nests emerge on the same day! One just after mid-night to start the day and this one, at 9:05PM to end the day!

A big, big thanks to the small group of volunteers who watched this nest! And thanks to the two new volunteers I met early in the week at Nest 5 who switched and started watching Nest 6. You all did a great job.


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