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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nest 5--Aug. 21, 12:09 AM 55 Days

Nest 5 was located on the beautiful wide beach at 13th Ave. North. A long, roped off area was required and the beach was raked every night to smooth out foot prints as well as tire tracks.
For 5 days, our volunteers as well as just interested by-standers started preparing the beach at 6PM, rain or shine.

Several of us were rewarded just past mid-night on August 21, when the first, tiny heads appeared through the sand. A boil soon started and the mad rush to the ocean began.

As we were escorted the hatchlings down the beach, an egg was discovered sitting in the middle of the sand. An anomymous tribute to these little guys!

Thanks to all who helped prepare the beach, all who ran out on the beach, during and just after the storms to check the nest, all those who sat, staring at the nest and especially to Gail who found the crawl and was determined to see the hatchlings safely to the ocean! Not only did we have a major boil, but we had 5 stragglers who came out between 1:30 and 3:00 AM and needed to be escorted.


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