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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nest 5 Inventory

Nest 5 was discovered by Gail on June 27. The mother laid her nest in the middle of the beach so it was relocted back to the dunes.

Original hole that was dug and filled with the eggs. Steve D. finishing up digging the hole. Notice the depth of the hole.
This nest emerged just after midnight on August 21, day 55 and inventoried on Tuesday, August 24. Gail and I had a hard time finding the eggs, so much sand had accumulated over the nest in the 55 days.

One hatchling who died in late development, taken from egg and shown to crowd.
Notice how deep Rob is going down in the hole to search for more eggs!

Finished at last, egg shells put back into hole to be buried.

Inventory Results:
97 eggs were in the original nest
1 egg was removed for DNA Study on June 27
96 eggs were relocated:
93 empty shells
1 egg died during early development
2 eggs died during late development
96.9% Hatchling Success Rate!!!
Thanks to all who helped with this nest. Thanks to Steve D. who helped us with the relocation. And special thanks to Gail who worried about and watched over this nest for 55 days.

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