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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Nest Six was discovered by several teenagers staying in the beach house behind the dune. These kids were lucky to see the turtle as she dug the nest in the V of a sand fence and laid her eggs! The hatchlings emerged on August 21 around 9:05PM. Conditions were great, the moon was shining overhead and it was 3.5 hours to low tide so their trek was not very long.

Inventory Results

98 eggs plus 1 egg taken for DNA (6/29) for a total of 99 eggs

74 hatched
24 unhatched

2 eggs died late development
22 eggs died early development
1 small pea size egg was found
1 egg when opened had a very hard yolk, looked liked a hard boiled egg yolk

75.5% Hatchling Success

A big thanks to the teenagers who discovered the mother turtle and knew to leave her alone and just watched. Thanks to Rose and Steve who came upon the crawl the next morning and wondered why it was already marked off with tape. Thanks to Sherry who helped dig up the eggs, thanks to Jeffery who sorted and counted the eggs and a thanks to all the volunteers who watched over the nest especially the last 3 nights until it emerged!


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