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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nest #3 Inventory

Nest #3 was called in by Jimmy from NMB Sanitation at 5:15 AM on June 14. On day 53, August 6, it was raining as we began our first night watching the nest. The rain cleared out around 8:15 and the first hatchling appeared on top of the sand around 8:25. Within seconds, the rest of the hatchlings boiled out of the sand, no depression was ever evident! Debbie, new volunteer, Grace and I were the only ones at the nest. The beach was empty except for a wedding party so we were able to quietly observe this wonderful event..

Nest morning after boil!

Nest two days later, Ghost crab had taken up residence.

Nest was inventoried Monday, August 9 at 7PM

Inventory Results:

77 empty shells
5 eggs died in early development
1 egg died in late development
1 died during hatchling
1 egg was taken on June 14 for DNA Study

85 eggs were laid in nest
91.7% Hatchling Success

Thanks to all who helped with this nest and to those who helped with the Inventory


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