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Sunday, July 11, 2010

NEST #7!!!!

Gail came across a real short crawl this morning around 10th Ave. N. The turtle came out of the ocean, crawled a short distance, turned around and went back into the ocean. But, 13th Ave. N. was a different story. This time the turtle nested in the middle of the beach. By the time we arrived, not only were there two sets of tire tracks just in front of the body pit, but there were also two large ghost crab holes in the nest area. Rob found the nest cavity right where the ghost crab holes were. The eggs were moved back to the protection of the dunes, in the V of a sand fence. 110 eggs were in the nest, one removed for the DNA study.

Many of our regular patrollers from all different days and segments came this morning to help and we had many interested by-standers as well.

A big thanks to everyone! Linda

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