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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NMB NEST #2!!!

While we were all gathering at the crawl between 39th Ave N and 40th Ave N, The NMB Sanitation Dept. discovered another crawl around 51st Ave. N. They drove down, picked us up and drove us back to the second crawl. This crawl was very fresh with the tracks going very far down the beach to the low tide line. Did we just miss the turtle? Steve Huggins started probing and quickly found very soft sand. Rose, Steve and I dug in the sand and found the nest cavity with eggs. We removed the top egg, still intact, for the DNA study, caged and marked the nest. Nest #2 is within sight of Nest #1. Please check on both of these nest as you walk segment A or stop by anytime and check them.

Thank you Steve, Rose, Rob and Nancy for your help. And a big thank you to the NMB Sanitation Department for their help. They are really our eyes on the beach. What a great morning! Waties Island also had their first Nest. Linda

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