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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Loggerhead Stranding

This morning, a Loggerhead Sea Turtle washed up on shore, just SW of the Cherry Grove Pier. Jerry Gordon from NMB Animal Control handled the stranding.

He estimated that the turtle weighed over 200 pounds. Both front flippers were wrapped with fishing line. The cloaca (located beneath the tail) was also wrapped in fishing line with a hook and fresh bait still attached. The shell had a long, deep cut, probably from a boat propeller. This wound appeared to be healing. The turtle had started to decompose and it's neck as well as flippers were very swollen. Because the bait seemed fresh and the body of the turtle was already decomposing, it was felt the turtle may have became entangled in at least some of the fishing line after it's death. No cause of death could be determine. The NMB Sanitation Department removed the turtle from the beach. So sad that this turtle died after making it so far in life.
Two of our walkers, Adina Norton and Anne Hughes came across the stranding early this morning. Thank you!! I went to the scene after I received their calls and took the above pictures. Linda

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