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Monday, July 8, 2024

NMB protected Loggerhead nest #15

A call coming into the hotline of a Sea Turtle that was returning back to the Ocean after nesting.  We can see here that she had to turn to avoid the Beach chairs. She had to change her path and turned parallel to the ocean before nesting


You can see how far she has had to travel out of the water, using just her flippers dragging her heavy body all the way up the beach.  She will then dig a hole using just her back flippers to make the egg chamber and lay her eggs, burry them and use her body to pack them down nice and snug in the egg chamber.  She will then begin her long Trek back to the Ocean.  So, if you see a Sea Turtle on the beach leave her alone, let her nest in peace as she is doing her job to help keep the survival of the Sea Turtle Species.

This nest is on a busy part of the beach, many lights and will be relocated to a safer part of the beach.  We often have special guest that come to see what the NMB STP is doing.  Today Some guests are just in time to see a Sea Turtle egg as they are being relocated. The NMB STP are in their happy place and shine when they are able to share their passion and knowledge with people that they meet at a nest.

One egg will be used for DNA studies that will help in the future survival of the Sea Turtle Species.

Once the eggs are relocated a cage is put around them to protect them from all sharing the beaches with us. Poles and rope along with a sign indicating this is a protected endangered Sea Turtle nest.

Great job to all the NMB STP, Briarcliffe and No Mans Land out walking this morning and all other mornings.  All making the difference in helping to save the Sea Turtle Species.

All Sea Turtles are endangered, they are federally, and state protected.  Special guidelines, training and permits are required to work with Nesting Sea Turtle Mothers, Nest, Hatchlings and Stranded Sea Turtles

If you encounter a Nesting Sea Turtle, Hatchling or stranded Sea Turtle in NMB or Briarcliffe areas please call

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  1. I’m so happy we got to experience this! My son still talks about it! Thank you for letting us be a part of it.


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