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Monday, July 8, 2024

Endangered Sea Turtle Nest #14

A call coming into the hotline in the evening hours of a Sea Turtle on the beach. The NMB STP Volunteers arrived as she was nesting.  The STP stayed until she finished nesting and safely went back into the ocean. Poles and rope were put around the body pit until it could be safely worked in the morning.


When it is light, we are able to see her crawl and what may have happened before NMB STP arrived and she nested. The signs tell us she had started to nest but then turned parallel to the ocean moving away from the area she had started at.  Either the sand was not right, or she was scared by noise and flashlights on her.  Please make sure to leave the Sea Turtles alone. They are endangered and protected. It is not only scary for them, but is also illegal to shine lights on, harass, touch or hinder in anyway

Probing was done and the egg chamber found. Careful digging and eggs are found.  There are 125 eggs in this nest.  Because there are many lights and in the middle of a busy beach the nest will relocated to a safer part of the beach.

Great job to all NMB, Briarcliffe and No man's land STP Volunteers out walking this morning and all walking every morning.  They are all making the difference to help save the Endangered Sea Turtle Species.

All Sea Turtles are endangered, they are federally, and state protected.  Special guideline's, training and permits are required to work with Nesting Sea Turtles, Nest, Hatchlings, and stranded Sea Turtles.

If you are in the NMB or Briarcliffe area and encounter a nesting Sea Turtle, Hatchling or Stranding please call 


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