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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

NMB endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nest #16

When the king tides come up, sometimes very little beach is visible to see a crawl, but on this particular nest, we had a caller call the NMB STP hotline.  They reported seeing a turtle nesting in the dunes the night before.  

The people were able to tell us the location.  Now the hard part, these are new dunes so they normal way of finding the egg would not be able to be done.  The dunes are so soft that the probe would go all the way down

It's a very hot day and the sun beating on the top of the Dunes make it even hotter. Many spots are checked out and carefully dug into looking for eggs.  This is not the ideal way to find the egg cavity, but really the only way.  With strong will and perseverance the eggs are found. 

As it gets so hot at the top of the dunes, the eggs will be relocated to a safer part of the beach.  there were 122 eggs found in this nest

A cage, poles and rope with a sign indicting this is a protected endangered Sea Turtle nest.  
Thanks Chuck

All Sea Turtles are endangered, they are federally, and state protected.  Special guidelines, training and permits are required to work with Nesting Sea Turtles, Nest, Hatchlings and Stranded Se Turtles.

If you encounter a Nesting Sea Turtle, Hatchling or Stranded Sea Turtle in NMB or Briarcliffe areas please call


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