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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

NMB Endangered Sea Turtle Nest #6

 First being reported by people who had seen her on the beach, all were respectful with no flashlights, staying far away from her, giving her space and no interference. At the first sign of light the NMB STP were there.  What a Surprise to see this was the Second Endangered Leatherback nest.

Between looking at the crawl and people who had given reports in the morning of this beautiful Leatherback going back and forth and back and forth through the dunes, it's a very big probability that the lights from buildings had disoriented her.

 We would like to remind people that if you live at the ocean, please keep the lights facing the ocean off, if a multi-level building, we would hope that they would use lights that are safer and less possibilities of disorienting the Sea Turtle. If you have windows facing the ocean, please try to use curtain or shades at night.  We can all do a part to help save the endangered Sea Turtle species.

Now probing is done to locate the egg chamber, as you can see the Leatherback Sea Turtle did a great job at disguising her nest.  But the experienced NMB STP were able to locate the egg chamber very quickly.

 We have found the egg chamber.  As this nest is below the spring HTL and many lights, the eggs will be relocated to a safer part of the beach. 

There are 86 eggs in this nest and 22 spacer eggs (spacer eggs are typical in Leatherback Sea Turtle nest and non-viable).  While we are uncertain why Leatherbacks have so many spacer eggs, there a couple theories.

Great job to all the NMB STP Volunteers out walking early this morning and all mornings so the Endangered Sea Turtle nest can be protected.  The numbers show how these Volunteers are making the difference to the survival of the Sea Turtle Species.

All Sea Turtles are endangered.  They are federally and state protected, special training, guidelines and permits are required to work with Nesting Sea Turtles, Nest, Hatchlings and stranded Sea Turtles.

If you encounter a Nesting Sea Turtle, Hatchling, or stranded Sea Turtle in NMB or Briarcliffe areas please call

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