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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


On Oct 21, 2017, call came in from Apache Pier, we have a hooked loggerhead.  Sure enough, a large juvenile loggerhead,  This poor guy was in rough shape, missing a good share of its right front flipper.  The raw part of the injury was where the hook was located.  The turtle thrashed around and tried to dislodge the hook with its mouth.  Several attempts were made to net the turtle, using a large drop net especially made by the NMB STP for large turtles.  The turtle evaded the net, swam under the pier and broke the line.

Two days later, the turtle was hooked again, this time Anglers were able to bring the turtle up on the Pier, SC DNR made the 2,5 hour trip from Charleston to pick up the turtle and take to the Sea Turtle Care Center.

Thus began Clumpy's stay at the Center over the winter......quickly a favorite, the very active Clumpy was known to amuse with frequent splashes of water out of his tank....By April Clumpy was cleared for release, the stub of his front flipper healed....Clumby, now 142 pounds is released offshore on April 2nd.   



Some pictures from South Carolina Aquarium.

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