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Sunday, August 14, 2016

NMB Nest #8

Corrina begins what should be the last early morning walk of the 2016 Sea Turtle Nesting season on NMB.  No crawls or nests since late July.

All of a sudden, she sees NMB Sanitation truck stop, they seem to be looking at something.  As she approaches, she see what could be a large turtle entering the water.

Once on the scene, a very distinct crawl, up to the dunes and back down..  False crawl or a late nest?

Incoming on left as facing dunes.

 Up into the dune

Back down, toward water.  Part of crawl is covered with sand, wind?  Or maybe thrown sand hiding the eggs

 Another look

Decide to probe in what looks like thrown sand
Yes....soft sand

Corrina gently digs


Eggs Cavity is found close to base of dunes so nest so one egg quickly removed for DNA and eggs covered.

Most of the Sunday Walkers from all segments come to help

NMB Nest #8

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