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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Inventory-Relocated Nest #2 MB----50th Ave N, Cherry Grove

Nest at 50th Ave N, Cherry Grove was laid on July 2, north of 82nd Ave N in MB.  It was relocated to 50th Ave N, Cherry Grove Section of NMB.

108 eggs in original nest, 107 relocated to Cherry Grove

Eggs incubated for 52 days, emerging on August 23.

Next 3 nights, one or two stragglers emerged each night, leaving only tracks

Inventory on 4th day after emergence
Depression is starting to fill in

Digging up the egg chamber

Inventory Results

108 eggs laid on July 2
107 relocated to 50th Ave, NMB
1 egg used for DNA Study
Hatchlings emerged on August 23th

Inventory on August 27th

101 Hatched or empty shell
5 whole eggs, died in early development
1 pipped egg, hatchling died before emerging from egg

No live or dead hatchlings
94.4%  Hatching success rate

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