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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Inventory Relocated Nest #1 from Myrtle Beach

MB Relocated Nest #1 (MYB #8) was found by MB Sanitation on June 30.  NMB was asked to check out the crawl and relocate any eggs found.  Eggs were relocated to 9th Ave South in NMB.

52 days later, hatchlings emerge and run to the ocean.  
All that is left is a hole

and the little tracks

August 24th...time to dig up egg chamber and inventory

Crowd gathers

Jen and Vicki dig up the chamber, removing egg shells

Soon all contents of chamber are removed
all interested are allowed up to see eggs and hole

Relocated MB Nest #1--9th Ave South
109 eggs in original nest
108 moved to NMB, 1 egg used for DNA

Hatchlings emerged on day 52

102 hatched shells
6 whole or unhatched
No dead or alive hatchlings

Hatch success rate  94.4%

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