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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NMB Nest 4

Calls started coming in early about a crawl and possible nest.  So close to yesterday's activity with Nest 3 that first thought was just left over marks.  But when a caller said he was standing in the dunes looking down at a body pit, it was definitely something new.

This time a nice, well defined crawl up the beach.  Turtle had again stopped to check out a spot, Nope, didn't like it so crawled up on a dune covered with vegetation.  Nice soft sand, lots of privacy......


Yes, we have eggs.  Since the egg chamber is on the dune, well above the High Tide Line, the nest is left natural or in situ.

One egg taken for DNA,  egg chamber is quickly re-covered, Poles and cage goes up.....NMB Nest #4

DNA Egg is processed.....

A huge thanks to all who helped with this nest.  A special thanks to NMB Sanitation for alerting walkers and then stopping by to see the eggs. 

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