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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

NMB Nest #2

Corrina was out early Sunday morning and came across a long, distinct crawl up to the dunes and back.

 Turtle had stopped three times on the way up to the dunes, dug 3 deep holes but abandoned them.  Sand was not quite right.

She crawl up half way a dune but quickly turned around, heading back to the ocean. 

 Short way beyond the dune, nice soft area was found, not a well defined body pit but thrown sand all around.  Small mound of sand at the end closes to the dunes.  Body Pit????

Area is probed. Corrina digs....
Yes!!!  Eggs

One egg is taken for DNA
Egg chamber quickly covered up
Nest is left natural or in situ

About 10 yards from this area, sand was messed up, looked like the start of another body pit.....Did she rest here for a while before heading back to the ocean.  

DNA egg is processed

 NMB Nest #2

Thank you Corrina and the rest of the Sunday Walkers

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