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Friday, June 3, 2016

Braircliffe Nest #1

June 1st, the magic month,  Tropical storm Bonnie has been stalled over the southern part of SC since Saturday.  Rainy night with high tides around 4:30AM.  Larry is walking up the narrow beach when he sees an unusual disturbance in the dunes, running perpendicular to the the beach. 

He investigates what looks like a faint track and sees the tell take V of the claw on a turtles flipper.  

He follows the faint track up into the dunes where it veers off to the south.  On top of a low dune, he sees messed up sand and what looks like a faint body pit.  

Area is probed and a nest cavity is found.  Eggs are quickly uncovered.

One egg taken for DNA, eggs quickly covered, nest is marked and protected.  


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  1. They are beautiful creatures. You have a lovely blog.


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