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Monday, September 7, 2015

Inventory NMB Nest #8

NMB Nest #8 was laid behind the Beach Cove, just past 48th Ave S, hidden in the thick dune grass.  The nesting female was reported on the beach around 6AM.

This nest was moved to 1809 S. Ocean Blvd.   119 eggs, 118 moved, 1 egg taken for DNA

54 days later, between 9:30PM and 10PM, the sand fell in one big woosh and the hatchlings were all exposed, they soon boiled out and started to run down the beach, changing tide, 3/4 moon had not yet risen.  Bright lights from two near by high rises as well as a crowd of spectators caused the hatchlings to turn back toward the lights.   Hatchlings were quickly gathered up and placed in a bucket.  A few more were found very close to the brightly lit buildings....after few beach sweeps to make sure no other hatchlings were still on the beach, the hatchlings were taken to a darker, empty section of the beach and release to crawl into the ocean.

Rainy days 

  Nest area is flat.....what is going on below the sand?

Day of Inventory, hole is filling in with sand 

Mary and Neal dig up the egg chamber

Lots of hatched eggs

2 whole eggs, 1 dead hatchling

But 1 live hatchling is found, then 3 more 

Crowd is anxious to see what was below the sand

Lining up to watch the four hatchlings crawl to the water

Jill releases four hatchlings

The race is on, one little guy quickly takes the lead....

Then to our amazement, another live hatchling is found as the hole of the nest is being filled in.  The hatching was buried in the sand taken out of the egg chamber,
very lively, anxious to get to the water

Thank you Julie for your great pictures

Inventory results

119 eggs in original nest
118 eggs relocated to 18th Ave S
hatchlings emerge on Sept 2, day 54 

116 hatched eggs, 2 unhatched eggs
1 dead hatchling
5 live hatchlings

98% hatching success rate

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