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Monday, August 24, 2015

Inventory Briarcliffe Nest #6

Two nests were laid on Braircliffe late night/early morning of June 27th, Briarcliffe #5 and #6.  Monday morning, August 17th, volunteers found that Briarcliffe Nest #6 had emerged, all tracks going straight to the water.

A natural or in situ nest, 2 eggs were found broken at the top of the egg chamber that June morning, these eggs were used for DNA Sample, eggs were quickly recovered and nest left alone to incubate.

Nest emerged late night, early morning, August 17th, Day 50/51.   Inventory was conducted on Thursday, Aug. 20th.

Inventory Results:

111 Empty or hatched egg shells
11 whole eggs of which 3 appeared to be infertile, 8 died in early development
2 hatchlings died during hatching, pipping

126 total eggs laid, 124 incubated 51 days

Thank you Larry, Cindy, Bob and Claire.  Thank you Larry for your pictures.

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