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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Inventory Briarcliffe Nest #5

Briarcliffe nest #5 and Briarcliffe nest #6 were laid on the same night.   Nest #6 emerged on August 17th, day 51 of incubation.

Briarcliffe Nest #5 took a few days longer, emerging on August 20th, day 54.

Inventory 4 days later, Sunday August 23

Small crowd gathers

Hatached eggs, pipped eggs

Whole eggs, pipped eggs (hatchling died while hatching from egg)

This hatchling died in late development, full formed
Notice how body encircles it yolk

These little guys did not make it, died after hatching

Larry shows the crowd some of the more interesting finds

Large tree washed up on the beach near the nest
Someone left an angel

Inventory Results

Nest Laid on June 27th, left in situ or natural
Htachlings emerged on August 20/21   54 days incubation
1 egg taken for DNA, 103 eggs found in nest at Inventory  
Total egg count 104 eggs
90 hatched eggs
6 whole or unhatched of which 3 died in early development, 3 died late development
7 hatchlings died during pipping, emerging from egg
0 live hatchlings, 4 dead hatchlings 

87.38% hatching success rate

Thank you Larry, Cindy, Bob, Claire and Sherry

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