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Sunday, July 12, 2015

NMB Nest #8

This nest was in a very unlikely spot, just south of 48th Ave S, at the end of the walkway from North Beach Plantations.....but hidden in the deep grass of the low dunes.  How the turtle was able to dig a hole through the grass and roots, is anyone's guess.  And then she hid the nest, covering it with sea grass.....and a yellow rubber first thought was there is no nest, no tracks, no sand mound....but people claimed she was in that spot for a while, so I probed and hit soft sand!!   Jerry was told that people had seen her from their North Shore Plantation Balconies around 5:30 AM.......Her tracks were hardly visible when viewed from the beach, but people said they really stood out when viewed from balconies.    Great find Jerry and Maggie

Did she nest somewhere in this grass?

 Rubber ducky, smashed by mother crawling over it
Found on the egg cavity

YES!!!!   Egg Cavity found

Moving the eggs to a more protected location


Empty egg cavity......

notice the cut roots and grass

this area was covered with pulled up grass

Thank you Maggie and Shannon

Candy and Maggie relocating the eggs

Thank you all

Job well done!!!

NMB Nest #8

119 eggs, 118 relocated to a better location

1 egg used for DNA Study

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