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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Briarcliffe False crawls 2 and 3......Briarcliffe Nest #7

Very busy morning on the Braircliffe Beach.  False crawl yesterday, another crawl this morning, this time close to the "Crossover"   Big circle body pit at base of the dunes, then she crawled up into the dunes and crawled around a bit before heading back down.  Lots of probing but no soft sand indicating an egg chamber.  But then further South on the beach, another crawl, closer to Lands End Condo, this one very neat and quick, turtle crawled up onto the dunes with small, compact body pit, and then crawled back down over her incoming tracks.  This time soft found was quickly found and the egg cavity uncovered.  Since the nest was up in the dunes, it was left in situ or natural,  shallow egg chamber, two eggs were found broken so used for DNA.....Briarcliffe Nest #7.  Width of both crawls was about the same so very likely  this was just a very busy and fussy turtle who had a hard time finding that right spot.    

  False Crawl at Sunrise     Wednesday Morning

First crawl found on Thursday Morning

Up the beach to the base of the dunes, big circle,

and then the turtles goes up into the dunes

Several areas are probed and probed by no egg cavity is found, then call comes in

Another crawl further south

This crawl straight up and into the dunes, straight back down, 
crawling over her incoming crawl in places

Body pit is visible, sand is probed
soft sand easily found

Yes, egg cavity

One egg for DNA Study

Egg cavity quickly covered, nest is marked and protected.

Long morning.....Great Job Briarcliffe Crew!!!

Nests are mounting up on this section of the beach

Briarcliffe Nest #7

1 egg taken for DNA

Natural nest well above the spring high tide line

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