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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Briarcliffe Nest #4

Briarcliffe Nest #4, nice crawl up the beach to the base of the dunes.  Sharp and steep bank leading up the dunes so turtle nested at the base.   Width of crawl was less than 30 inches, so may have been the turtle who false crawled 

Body pit at the base of the dunes

Someone may have been watching this turtle nest.  A reed was fund in the body pit, maybe trying to mark the egg cavity?

V arks in the crawl, made from a claw on the turtles flipper

Egg cavity quickly found

YES...we have eggs

Eggs were moved back, higher up into the dunes, originally egg cavity was
found below the high tide line

All eggs successfully relocated, covered and marked

Larry processes the DNA Egg, this girl is from Peru
She was fascinated with the whole nesting process

Briarcliffe Nest #4

A big thanks to the Briarcliffe Crew

Briarcliffe Nest #4

108 eggs, 107 relocated above the HTL
1 egg taken for DNA

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