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Monday, June 1, 2015

Briarcliffe Nest #1

Cheri came across a long crawl, close to the water line, up to the dunes and back.  A small body pit, confusing because it seemed the turtle may have nested, mounded sand and thrown sand about 3 feet from the base of the dunes, but she then walked back to the dunes, turned and walked back over her body pit and incoming crawl before exiting toward the beach.  A stick was found stuck in the sand, close to the thrown sand and vegetation which had been plowed under the sand.   Was someone watching the turtle nest and marked the egg cavity?

Body pit..what is that stick doing there?

Egg cavity quickly found, near the stick and the plowed under vegetation

Looking for the eggs

I see white!!

Yes, We have eggs

Eggs are moved from below the Spring High Tide Line, further back, up the dunes

135 eggs

Hot job

Eggs are carefully moved, one at a time

All eggs relocated

Empty original egg chamber

Girl Power

Eggs are relocated, new egg chamber is marked and protected

Braircliffe Nest #1

135 eggs, 134 relocated further back, up the dunes, above the Spring High Tide LIne

1 Egg taken for DNA

A huge thanks to Cheri, Claire and Paulette

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