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Monday, May 18, 2015

Loggerhead Stranding-MB State Park

Spense, while bottom fishing with a single J hook on the MB State Park Fishing Pier, snagged a loggerhead sea turtle.  Instead of just cutting the line, he tracked down MB State Park Ranger Ann and asked " What do I do if I hook a turtle? "  Ann and some experienced fisherman on the pier sprang into action, grabbed a drop net and brought the turtle up on to the pier.  Ann was able to quickly remove the hook, it was just superficially hooked on a front flipper.

After removing the hook and looking the turtle over, Ann felt the body condition of the turtle was poor, she was covered in little barnacles, both on carapace and on soft tissue of flipper and head.  Decision was made to transport to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital for further evaluation.

The North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol was called and asked to transport to the hospital in Charleston

The turtle was keep under the shade of the trees while waiting for the nMBSTP to arrive

Loading in car for transport

Loaded in an enclosed car to protect from sun and wind,
Turtle's carapace is about 25 inches

Arrival at the soon as the back door is open, this curious turtle stuck it's head out......"Where am I?"

Unloaded and weighed, about 53 pounds 

Towel is placed over it's head to calm it


Blood is drawn


Heart beat is measured

IV Lines are set up


Turtle is scanned for pit tags, none found

All initial work is complete

Initial blood work indicated turtle is anemic.   Something is causing this so good thing the turtle was brought to the hospital.  While not in critical condition, if left untreated in the ocean, it's condition could deteriorate rapidly and the turtle could either strand in critical condition or die...

Great work by all in helping this little 53 pound juvenile loggerhead sea turtle...From Spense who knew not to just cut the line, to all those on the pier who helped it and especially to Park Ranger Ann who knew something was wrong and this turtle needed additional help

More more information and future updates on this turtle go to the SC Aquarium web site and blog:

or go directly to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital Sea Turtle Rescue Program...updated frequently

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