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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Late night transport from Springmaid Pier

Monday night, a call came in from SC DNR, a juvenile loggerhead has washed up on the beach next to the Springmaid Pier. In extremely poor shape but alive......needs transport to Georgetown where DNR will meet you and drive the rest of the way to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital.

 Per Lauren..."My Fiance Justin and I were one of the first to see her..  we spotted her around 7:30 p.m. Everybody thought the same as I did .. A big rock washed up.. But once I saw a head pop up and her leg move.. I ran down to see if she/he was alive and kept everyone away from her so it wouldn't stress her out .  We moved her out away from high tide coming in because she was spitting out water and her eyes were closing. Carried her completely away from the water so she could breath. She then opened her eyes and started moving her head and legs a little more not much but enough to know she was at least alive. My fiancĂ© called it in and I also helped load her up into a little swimming pool in back of the transporter's car."

This poor turtle was covered with barnacles, some barnacles seemed to be growing on top of other ones.  

A huge thanks to Lauren, Justin, Christine and John for going to investigate the "rock" and then seeking help when they found out what it really was.  A big thanks to the Horry County Police 

And a huge thanks to SDR for meeting me in Georgetown.  At that time of night, the shorter the drive the better.   


  1. Do you have any update on this turtle? I keep checking back and was starting to be concerned. Thanks.

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