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Thursday, May 28, 2015

False Crawl #1

Karen called just after 6 AM,   "I have a crawl ....looks like she did not try to nest."   A quick crawl up halfway up the beach, u-turn back down to the water.  No attempt to nest....was she scared off or was she just checking out the beach.  Fingers crossed she returns.......THANK YOU KAREN!!!

Mass balloon release NMB High School.......normally we frown on these releases, What goes up, comes down and not only affects marine life including sea turtles and dolphins, but can also affect wildlife on land such as deer and birds.   But these graduates did the right thing.....the balloons were attached to pencils by fishing line...they unrolled the line to release the balloons and then rolled the balloons back in and disposed of properly....A HUGE THANKS and good luck to the Graduates.

Thank you Meredith for sharing this.

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