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Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 Nesting Results

2014 Nesting Summary

Nests: 6
  In Situ: 2
  Relocated: 4 (66.6%)
  Inventoried: 6 (100%)
False Crawls: 4

Estimated Eggs to Date: 580
  Eggs Lost: 5 (0.8%)---taken for DNA Study
  Hatched Eggs: 313
  Emerged Hatchlings: 313
  Mean Incubation Duration (all): 60.5 days
  Mean Clutch Count: 102.5 eggs (Relocated Only)

Mean Hatch Success: 47.4%
Mean Emergence Success: 47.4%
Nest Success: 50%
Beach Success: 60%

DNA Results to date

NMB Nest #1---Only nest for this turtle, new to beach, new to data base

NMB Nest #2 and Nest #4---Laid by same mother, both nest non-viable, no                                               eggs hatched

Briarcliffe Nest #1, Briarcliffe Nest #2, NMB Nest #3---laid by same mother
                                           this mother also laid a late nest on the northern
                                           end of Myrtle Beach and may have laid NMB #6

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