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Monday, August 11, 2014

NMB Nest #5

NMB Sanitation alerted James and Beverly as they started their walk,  "turtle on the beach"   Sure enough, a turtle was still nesting just below the Spring high tide line.  Word quickly spread, more and more NMB STP Volunteers arrived at the site.

Outgoing crawl

For once, the turtles tracks cross the truck track, indicating she crawled after the early morning
truck went by

Incoming crawl

Top of Outgoing crawl with body pit

This turtle is a very neat nester, only thrown sand completely covering pit is visible

 Eggs were quickly found

Nest is in the middle of the beach, just below the Spring HTL so nest is moved back to the dunes out of the way of beach traffic

73 eggs, 1 egg taken for DNA study, 72 eggs relocated

Empty hole dug by mother, how does she do this??

1 egg is misshapen,  almost looks like a turtle

 Sam processes the DNA Egg

Opening the shell

Exciting morning

Nest is relocated, statistics recorded, new egg chamber is protected

A huge thanks to NMB Sanitation for quickly alerting James and Beverly.  Many were able
to watch this wonderful event.  Turtle was given plenty of space, everyone respected her while
watching in awe!!

Thank you Beverly, James and Corrina for getting to the site so quickly and making
sure the turtle was protected as she nested

Thanks to all of the other NMB STP volunteers who quickly arrived and helped relocate the eggs

THANK YOU Corrina for your wonderful pictures.

NMB NEST #5 is now on the books for the 2014 season

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