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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NMB False Crawl #2

Crawl on segment B this morning.  Very windy on the beach, most of the crawl above the HTL is windblown and hard to see.  Outgoing crawl in the wet sand is very visible.  This turtle crawled up the wide beach, started to make a body pit, moved up a few feet, started a new body pit, moved up a few more feet, started a third body pit, then moved up to the base of the dune and turned to crawl back to the water.  Was she being watched and disturbed each time she moved?  Shallow body pit at the base of the dunes, probed and probed but no egg cavity was found.  False crawl #2.

Outgoing Crawl

Incoming crawl, turtle stopped three times before turning at the base of the dunes

Shallow body pit, wind blown, crawl is almost completely gone

Incoming crawl is almost completely covered up by the blowing wind

Outgoing tracks are hardly visible until the wet sand

Hoping but no eggs are found

Thank you Segment B walkers....Lets hope she comes back

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