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Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Turtle Fireworks

July 4th, 2014 started out early....just after midnight, NMB Volunteer, John calls, I have a turtle coming  on shore, just a block from the false crawl yesterday.   Beach was empty and quiet so John watched as the turtle crawled all the way up to the new public walkway , turned and nested close to the wooden structure, so closed that she clipped a wooden support beam on her way back to the ocean.

This morning, the incoming crawl was shorter than the outgoing, indicating the turtle was on the beach a while.  False crawl yesterday, incoming was almost the same length as outgoing.

NMB City crews start early.  Tire marks over the crawl even though before 6AM

Body Pit

She came real close to the public walkway, at one time, John thought she might try to crawl under it

John discussing his experience with fellow NMB Volunteer

Friday Walkers.   Great group of ladies

YES,  Finally the eggs are confirmed!!

LJ from Upstate NY..... Fascinated with the whole event

Holding the one egg taken for DNA

NMB Nest #2

A huge thanks to John, what a night he had.  And a big thanks to all of the early morning July 4th Walkers.   Finally a nest, the first for many of these great people.  

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