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Saturday, June 14, 2014

6th Stranding

June 12th.....Day started with with a nesting loggerhead and NMB Nest #1 but ended sadly with a reported stranding.  A large juvenile loggerhead was reported around 19th Ave S, deceased, life guards pulled it from the water.   The turtle was in poor shape, severely decomposed, four deep puncture wounds were found in it's plastron, possibly contributing to it's demise.  Fishing line was found wrapped around it's front right flipper , no way of knowing if this was wrapped before it's death or the turtle got wrapped up in it as it was tumbled around in the waves.

Four deep punctures wounds on the plastron

Because of it's size, removal from the beach was difficult.  NMB Beach Patrol, Lifeguards as well as NMB Animal Control helped with the disposal....because of severe decomposition, not a pleasant job

Thank you Donna and Sherry for helping record this stranding.  And a huge thanks to the Lifeguards,
Beach Patrol and Animal Control for helping with the disposal.   

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