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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inventory of Briarcliffe Nest #5

Briarcliffe Nest #5 was laid on August 3rd.  The last nest of the 2013 season.  102 eggs, 3 eggs were destroyed by a ghost crab, 99 eggs moved further back beyond the high tide line.

On Sept. 25th, Day 53, sand fell and a shallow depression formed around the front of the egg chamber. 

 No hatchlings emerged.  On Saturday, Sept 28th, the depression grew, completely surrounding the egg chamber. Next morning, Cindy and Larry found evidence of a major emergence.

Nest was inventoried 4 days later, on Wednesday, Oct. 2nd.
Bob dug up the egg chamber as Cherie counted the egg shells, 
whole or unhatched vs hatched    

One whole egg found in the chamber is still bright white, large, it looks like it was just laid

The whole white egg next to two other whole eggs sunken and discolored

Six whole eggs are found in the nest 

One egg contains a partially developed turtle along with the yolk sac 

One live turtle is pulled from the bottom of the egg chamber

Inventory finished, egg shells are put back into the hole to decompose and fertilize the dunes

Larry releases Sandy, closely supervised by a young observer

Off she goes!!!

Making sure she goes into the water

Last nest of the 2013 season is finished and in the books.
Larry, Bob, Cherie, Linda and Cindy leave, work is done for this year but 2014 will be here soon.

Thank you Julie for your great pictures.  
And a HUGE THANKS to the group on Briarcliffe who protected and worried about 5 nests.  All emerged, all hatchlings made it to the ocean.

Inventory Results

Nest was laid on August 3rd.  102 eggs, 3 destroyed by ghost crabs, shells used for DNA Study
99 Eggs moved back, above the High Tide Line

Hatchlings emerged on Day 57---September 28-29

93 eggs hatched, 6 unhatched or whole eggs of which 1 was infertile, 4 died in early development
and 1 died in late development, turtle formed in shell

1 dead hatchling found near the top of the egg chamber
1 live hatchling found at the bottom of the egg chamber, released on the beach

94% hatching success rate

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  1. Karman.wheeler@kctcs.eduOctober 10, 2013 at 10:14 PM

    I am very impressed with the work the NMB Turtle Patrol has done. We will be visiting next week and I had hoped I would still be able to see a nest.
    Hopefully, next year.
    Keep up the great work and all that you do.


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