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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Inventory--NMB Nest #6, 11th Ave North

The last nest on NMB for the 2013 nesting season was located on a very rainy morning by Donna and Sherry on Saturday, July 13th.  124 eggs, 123 are relocated back from the middle of the beach to the dunes.

45 days later, surface of the nest cracks, soon a crack is completely outlining the circumference of the egg chamber.  Sand starts of cave in by day 48 and day 49...

But no evidence of hatchings.  Day 50, Early morning check of the beach...

There is evidence that up to 10 hatchlings have emerged.  No tracks around nest but further down the beach, closer to the water.  Very windy on the beach, large hole from day before is filled in

Sept. 2, Labor Day, nest is checked around 6PM.  Bubble has formed, just beyond upper left corner of egg chamber

Soon heads and eyes are visible

But hatchling wait until darkness falls before completely emerging
and racing straight to the water

Next night, nest is again checked around 6PM.  Bubble again forms, sand moves
and the outline of a hatchling appears

One hatchlings lays on top of the sand as the sun sets, colors over the ocean

It waits and waits until just as the sun is setting, makes it move and runs to the ocean.  Still faint light so pictures were allowed

First Inventory of nest begins at 6:30 on Friday, Sept 6th

Hatchling have dribbled out all week.  Wind has continuously filled in all exit holes
Two slight depressions are visible

But inventory is quickly halted when numerous hatchlings are found near the top of the egg chamber.  At least 8 hatchlings emerged later that night.  The next evening,  two more were found around 6PM on the top of the egg cavity.

Three days later, one lone hatchling emerges in the early pre-dawn hours.

and crawls directly to the ocean

Second Inventory starts at 6:30 that evening

Crowd gathers.  Connie and Mary dig for the second time

Rob helps dig while Linda explains what is going on

 Egg shells are quickly found along with live and dead hatchlings

Holt show the crowd a whole egg

Live Hatchlings

Recording data


Sharon brings the live hatchlings around so everyone can see.  Pictures allowed
but NO Flash

NMB STP Volunteers watch

This little girl loved the hatchlings

This little guy was deformed but had plenty of spirit and
was anxious to crawl

Time to release...Sherry carefully places each one on the sand

The race is on

Which way???

You go that way, I'll go this way

Hey guys...I need help!!

I won't let my handicap stop me....look out...

Yes, water at last....

Than you Julie, Mary and Stan for your great pictures.

Thank you Connie and Sherry for all the time you spent with this nest

Results of Inventory of Nest #6

Nest laid on July 13,  124 eggs, 1 egg taken for DNA Study, 123 eggs moved back to the dunes

Major emergence on Sept 2, Day 51

111 hatched eggs, 12 unhatched of which 2 appeared infertile, 3 died in early development and 2 died in late development, turtle formed in egg.    5 hatchlings died while emerging from shell (pipping)

8 live hatchlings were released on the beach, 4 dead hatchlings were in the nest

90.2% hatching success rate

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