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Friday, September 6, 2013

Inventory Briarcliffe Nest#3

Braircliffe Nest #3 was located by Claire and Bob on July 9th.  Hatchlings emerged on Saturday night, August 31st, day 53.

Straight out of nest chamber and to the sea

4 days later, time to inventory,  Larry shows with lines how close the hatchling tracks were when emerging and going to the ocean.  Ghost crab has discovered the empty eggs
Two hatchlings are found deep in the egg chamber, under egg shells.  Very active, ready to go

All shells removed, one last sweep of the empty hole, another hatchling is found along the side, half buried in sand

Time to release these guys

Quickly named Mickey, Minnie and Donald

The race is on

Checking on Donald,  he is going to the water


Inventory Results:
Nest was laid on July 9,  108 eggs, 107 moved back above the HTL, one egg taken for DNA study
Major emergence on Saturday, August 31st.  More hatchlings dribbled out over the next two nights
103 Hatched eggs, 4 unhatched, all died early development
3 live hatchlings, active, released on the beach, 0 dead hatchlings
96.26% hatching success rate
Great Job Briarcliffe.
Thanks for all the hard work..  Thank you Larry for sharing your pictures

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