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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Inventory, Briarcliffe Nest #2

Briarcliffe Nest #2 on the extreme South end of the beach, close to Lands End Condo Complex emerged on Sunday, August 25th.  Day 58.

 Cindy and Larry checked the nest around 8:30PM, arriving just in time to see one lone head appear in front of the nest, climb out of the sand and run toward the ocean. Per Larry:  "The one that came out while Cindy and I were there knew his way very well.   He definitely looked like he was on a mission."

No others had emerged during the early evening hours.   The next morning when the nest was checked...hole and lots of tracks.  It looks like all made it to the high tide line.

 The spread of all their tracks at the high tide line was less than 20 feet so they all headed straight to the ocean.  

Thursday, August 29th, time to inventory.  Hole has filled in but more tracks are found, late stragglers

Bob digs as Cindy and Linda watch

Hole is deep,,,Are you sure this is where the eggs should be?

Yes, finally egg shells

Lots of empty shells, only 3 hole eggs and 1 dead hatchling found half in and half out of a shell (Pipped)

Great results!

Hole is empty, time to return shells to the earth and cover up the hole

Great Nest...Thank you Bob, Claire, Cindy and Larry. Thanks you Larry and Julie for the pictures.  And a huge thanks to the Lands End Condo Complex for letting us park, cut down our walk considerably, especially when carrying supplies, rope, poles, etc.

Inventory Results

Nest was located on June 28th, 137 eggs, 136 eggs relocated above the HTL and into the dunes

Nest emerged on August 25th, day 58

132 hatched eggs, 3 unhatched or whole eggs, all died early development, 1 pipped egg (hatchling died as emerging from egg, yolk sac still attached)

97% hatching success rate!! 

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