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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stranding in Myrtle Beach

A live juvenile loggerhead sea turtle was pulled from the ocean early yesterday afternoon by a life guard at the 2nd Ave N Pier, setting in motion a series of events to get the turtle help. Turtle was taken to the MB State Park while transport was arranged. Turtle was transported to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital by a volunteer from the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol. Turtle was very quiet, but alive when initally loaded for transport, eyes wide and moist, turtle blinked several times. But the turtle could not hold on and sometime during the hour and half ride, the turtle expired. By the time it arrived at the hospital, eyes were sunken, jaw was locked and flippers were getting stiff. Many people tried to help this turtle.

Awaiting transport.

Getting ready to move from one vehicle to another.  Turtle was very quiet, but eyes were large, moist and turtle blinked several times

Arrival at the SC Sea Turtle Hopsital.  Staff takes charge and works on the turtle

Not looking good, eyes are sunken, jaw is locked, flippers are getting stiff

Heart beat cannot be heard

Ultra sound, no movement can be detected, Turtle is declared dead 

So sad.  But these turtles usally are not found on shore until they are on their last legs.  So many people were involved in this turtle's care.  Thank you all!!

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