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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Late morning stranding, Point in Cherry Grove

A dead loggerhead sea turtle was left on on the sand as the water receded late this morning.  One lady reported seeing it floating in the water as she swam,  she didn't know what it was....

North Myrtle Beach Beach Patrol was called.  North Myrtle Beach Safety Officer, Jerry Gordon, Animal Control came and processed the turtle.

Poor turtle, it was in rough shape. Skin and carapace was covered with small barnacles and ghost shrimp.  Open sores were noted.

A big chunk of it's carapace was missing over it's hind flipper.  This flipper was shredded with bone expose.  Due to injury or decomposition..unknown

Rib bone is protruding.

Other hind flipper appeared to have been damaged in an earlier injury and was already healed.

Using the pit scanner to check for internal tags, none found

A crowd has gathered.  Many interesting comments and questions.

Turtle is sprayed painted orange to indicate data has already been processed and filed.

Turtle was removed from the beach

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