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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Live stranded Loggerhead Sea Turtle-Snapping turtle hatchling

Friday afternoon, just after 3PM, the call came in.  We have a live loggerhead sea turtle in trouble, 2nd Ave S.  NMB Beach had already been called, Jerry from Animal Control, Mark from Beach Services and Donny from Beach Patrol were first on the scene.  Donny pulled the turtle from the water as it bobbed in the surf.

Rob and Linda were called in and the decision was quickly made to transport to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital. At one point while waiting to be transported, the turtle got very active, waving it's front flippers and opening it's mouth very wide.  Linda drove the turtle to Georgetown where she met up with Jenna from SC DNR who transported it the rest of the way to Charleston.  But sadly, the turtle did not make it despite the best efforts from hospital staff  It was very emaciated, covered with barnacles and other matter.  Such a shame that this beautiful juvenile sea turtle had to die such a painful death.

Hand over to SC DNR.  Sam the turtle man watches to make sure everything goes smoothly

Two NMB Students found this adorable snapping turtle hatchling on the beach on Saturday morning. Covered with sand, but very active. The hatchling was taken to a local park with fresh water ponds and released. THANK KIDS!

Still covered with sand from the beach.
Look at that long tail and long claws

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