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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Turtle Rescued on the Beach

Tuesday afternoon, Oct 2nd,  call comes in from NMB Beach Services, Beach walkers report a Sea Turtle Hatchling on the beach, they put it into the ocean several times, but it keeps coming out!

No wonder.  It is not a sea turtle but a little mud turtle.  Poor guy,  just wants out of the water.  He buries himself in the sand.

These turtles have very long necks.

Taken off the beach and to the local park.  Should like these surroundings better.

Not all turtles found on the beach are sea turtles.  One should never put a turtle into the ocean.  If a hatchling, it needs to rest on the sand to gain strength before going on it'a journey.  If it is not a sea turtle, the salt water can kill it.

This little turtle was probably washed down a storm pipe during the heavy rain earlier in the day.

Thank you Mark and Rodney from NMB Beach Services for calling us.

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