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Friday, June 8, 2012


June 8, 2012--World Ocean's Day!

What better way to observe this day than working with a Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nest.

Cherie came across the crawl during her early morning walk.  Cindy and Larry were not far behind her.

Horry County Beach Services also reported the crawl on their morning run of the beach.

From the difference in the incoming and outgoing crawl, it was obvious the turtle had been on the beach awhile.

Reeds around the high tide line didn't bother the turtle, she plowed through on her quest for that perfect spot.

She struggled to crawl up the dune.

It almost looks like she slid down the steep incline on her way back to the ocean.

Cherie, Hayne and Rachel search for the eggs.

BINGO...Eggs are located....We have a nest!!

Cindy, Laura, Larry and Cherie found those elusive eggs.

Cherie holding the one egg taken for the DNA Study. 

Hayne holding the DNA egg.

Rachel gets to hold and examine the egg.

 Judi was anxious to see and feel the egg as well.

Pat was super excited to see the nest and the eggs.

Larry marking off the nest.  High on the dunes, no need to relocate.

Processing the DNA Egg.

It's Official............NEST #1

Thank you Cherie, Cindy and Larry for calling in the Crawl.  And Thank you Tracy from Horry County Beach Services for calling it in as well.

And a huge thanks to all the Briacliffe Volunteers who have been walking each morning, many who came out on the beach this morning to see the crawl and the eggs.

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