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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Major Turtle Event

 Monday night, May 7 was a big event for the SC "Turtle Ladies" and the SC Sea Turtle Hospital.

NY Times Besting Selling Author,  Mary Alice Monroe launched her new novel, Beach House Memories, with a book signing at the SC Aquarium.  All members of all Sea Turtle Patrols and Watches were invited to attend this event.  

North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol Volunteers, Melanie and Carol attended.  Per Melanie 

"There were over 200 turtle ladies from all over SC in attendance." 

They did have 20 minute tours of the hospital for guests, however they went fast and we were not able to go. :-( We had a great time and I decided to adopt a Sea Turtle. Funds raised are supposed to help them bring the hospital upstairs so that all visitors to the aquarium can see them and raise awareness. /Melanie

Thank you Melanie for sharing!!  

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