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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Early Sea Turtle Strandings

At least 3 Sea Turtle Strandings  have been reported on North Myrtle Beach from March 30 through April 14.  

On March 30, a juvenile green sea turtle was found on the beach around 63rd Ave North, in the Cherry Grove Section.  No apparent cause of death was found.

The very next day, a small Kemps Ridley was found around 24th Ave S, Crescent Beach.

Then on April 14th, a good size juvenile loggerhead was reported around 13th Ave N.  Linda and Rob were notified around 8:30 PM.  This poor turtle, carapace measuring around 24 inches from notch to notch was missing it's head and all of it's flippers.  

2012 Sea Turtle Nesting season starts on May 1st.

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