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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inventory of Nest #17, 21st Ave S, Windy Hill!

Phyliss called around 9PM..there is a huge turtle coming ashore.."what do I do?"  Rob, Donita and Linda went to 21st Ave S, sure enough, a sea turtle was nesting halfway up the beach.  This turtle had turned and was facing the ocean.  All was dark and quiet.  After she finished and returned to the ocean, the body pit was roped off.  NMB Nest #17, 21st Ave S, Crescent Beach.

Rob was back on the beach early the next morning to greet the NMBSTP Volunteers.

Jill, Terry, Phyliss S and Allison helped locate the eggs

The original nest was moved back closer to dunes, out of the way of the heavy beach traffic.  77 eggs were in the original nest, 76 eggs were relocated.

Saturday. Sept 3, 52 days later, Donna discovers that the nest has emerged during the early morning hours.

Tracks are all over the beach!

After sunrise, this little head is found poking out of the nest.

A hatchling soon appears, quickly followed by 3 more.

Flippers and a head then appear,  2 more hatchlings are coming!!

Julie helps one hatchling get to the water, protecting it from the birds that were flying around.  It's Julie's birthday as well.  What a great way to turn 13!!

Tracks were found close to the dunes, but they turned back toward the ocean.

Tuesday night, Sept. 6, NMBSTP Volunteers gather to dig up the nest.

Julie puts down her camera to dig in the sand.  Jill is anxious to see how her work turns out.  

Deep nest...any more eggs?

A few spectators.  After Labor Day, beach is pretty empty.

Great job!!  A big thanks to Donna for working with this nest.  When she left the nest just after midnight all appeared quiet,  but she was back before 6AM the next morning to check. Thanks to Brad, Jay, Julie and Donna for helping the 6 late hatchlings make it to the water before it got to hot.  And Brad was back later to make sure the last straggler made it.  Thanks to the volunteers who helped relocate the nest.  And thanks to Jill and Julie for helping to dig it up 52 days later.  And a big thanks to Phyliss for being concerned about the nesting turtle and calling the NMBSTP.

Thank you Jim for your pictures.

Inventory Results:

Nest was laid on July 13, mother was on the beach around 9PM.
77 eggs, 1 egg taken for DNA Study
76 eggs relocated back by the dunes

Nest emerged early on Sept. 3, Day 52

Nest Inventoried on Sept 6

76 hatched eggs found in the nest. 0 unhatched eggs, no live or dead hatchlings found.

100% Hatchling Success Rate!!!

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