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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nest #13!!!!

Nest #1 emerges,   Nest 13 is laid!!!

Silas and Harriet called in early.  Crawl halfway up the beach, ending in what appears to be a body pit.

Outgoing crawl hit a big sand castle with moat.  The turtle hit the wall before turning away.

Rob and Linda probed. Egg cavity was hard to find because a Sanitation truck had already been through and drive over the upper part of the body pit.  But the eggs were found.  Small nest for a small turtle, 47 eggs.

This nest definitely had to be moved back to the dunes.

Carson took control of the DNA egg, prepared the egg and put into the vial.

Great job Thursday Walkers.  This turtle was probably Wednesday's  false crawl which was 8 blocks from this nest.   This time she stayed away from the Dunes.

The pelicans were interested in the beach activity.  What a beautiful sight!!

Thank you Silas and Harriet.  Thank you to the Thursday walkers, including Day Leader Judy for coming and helping.  And Thank you Dave and Silas for the pictures.  And a big thanks to Carson and his Dad who was walking by and stopped in to investigate.

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