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Monday, July 4, 2011

False Crawls 10, 11 and 12

Whats going on?  Three false crawls in less than 24 hours!!

John and Betty came across this small crawl around 1AM Sunday morning. Turtle came ashore below the high tide line, quickly turned and went back into the ocean.  If they had not seen it when they did, the crawl would have been washed away with the incoming tide.  This crawl had a very large, well distinct V from the turtles claw.

Sunday evening, around 11PM, Rob received word that a turtle had tried to come ashore on Crescent Beach.  She only made it a short distance before being swarmed by people, flash lights shined in her face and flash pictures taken.  She just turned around and left, probably in disgust!!

Early this morning, Segment D walkers came upon a crawl in Windy Hill.  It was a short crawl but up into the soft sand, above the high tide line.  It was either before, during or just after the high tide when she came ashore, very little of her crawl was visible in the wet sand.  (High Tide was around 9:30PM)
Once again, the turtle just turned and went back the way she came.

Thanks Gary for calling this in.  And thank you Gary, Cindy and Ed for walking this holiday morning and reporting the crawl.  Wish it was a nest, maybe tonight, but hope any turtles wait until after the fireworks are over.

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